[3rd Anniversary of Sewol Ferry Tragedy] K-POP mourns for the victims


April 16, 2017, marks the 3rd anniversary of the Sewol Ferry tragedy, and many Korean artists have spoken up in remembrance of the disaster.

On April 14, Jo Kwanwoo released his latest single, ‘Pray For You,’ dedicating it to the victims and their bereaved families. After releasing the song, he left a short message, “I pray for you so that you will never hurt again and rest in peace.”

Not only him, but Sweet Sorrow‘s Sung Jinhwan also released a live recording of ‘We All Go Separate Ways Someday’ on the same day. He wrote the song three years ago when the accident occurred.

There are a lot more singers who released a tribute song for the Sewol Ferry‘s child victims.

It’s been three years since the tragedy, and it’s still a painful memory for Koreans. Many celebrities constantly show their respect for the victims through their SNS. Their posts help people look back upon the sad memory.