3 Focus Points of ‘Midnight Runners’…’Chemistry x Laughter x Energy’


[by Ent Team] What are the focus points of ‘Midnight Runners’?

On August 9th, Lotte Entertainment, the distributor for ‘Midnight Runners’ revealed 3 focus points to enjoy the movie more following the premier of the movie.

‘Midnight Runners’ is a youthful investigation action film that tells the story of two police university students who formerly only had their youth and military books that get swept up in an investigation after witnessing a kidnapping.

Firstly, the pair of actors Park Seo Joon and Kang Haneul for the movie ‘Midnight Runners’ attracts attention. The movie became a hot topic of discussion from early on because of the fresh collaboration of 2017’s trendy youthful actors Park Seo Joon and Kang Haneul. Just seeing that the two of them are in this movie makes you smile. The two actors matched so well both on and off screen that they have gained attention as the ‘best combo’ in which they almost seemed as if they were playing in front of the camera.

In addition, ‘Midnight Runners’ is full of refreshing laughter that relieves you of the summer heat. Their playful image and distinct dialogue gives off a pleasant and merry charm that maximizes the enjoyment of the movie.

Lastly, there is the enthusiastic performance of the running youth combo. The rash investigation of the two protagonists that gathers their passion and youthful spirit is full of action scenes and scenes of them running and running. They show a wild action that is only possible with the two of them.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Midnight Runners’ was released today (9th). (photo by Lotte Entertainment)

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