2NE1 Discloses Its First Teaser of ‘Good Bye’


[by Woorim Ahn] 2NE1’s last song ‘Good Bye’ will be disclosed on January 21 at midnight.

On January 19, YG Entertainment (YG) caught the mass public’s attention by posting its teaser poster. In the image, a lady is standing up in front of four members’ blurred photo and it seems like she is flashing back the old moment.

CL participated in writing lyrics for the last song to depict her feelings to say goodbye with the fans. The song was composed by J Gramm, who produced ‘Broccoli’ by D.R.A.M., and Rook Monroe that participated in composing Desperado by Rihanna.

The fans are raising their anticipations for the group’s last song since the group didn’t have a chance to say bye to the fans. YG intentionally didn’t promote for the song and the poster is the first teaser.

Meanwhile, YG added that no activities and promotions are planned. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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