‘2016 Seoul Fashion Week’ Suggestions for Making Perfect Silhouette


[by Hwang Ji Hye /translated by Kim Young Shin] These days, cover is a bigger factor in judging a book. It is almost necessary to get in shape and groom oneself. Slimmer body means better fit of clothes. Also, it makes one look diligent and refined.

Focus on this article if you want to make your body as slim as fashionable people who visited ‘2016 Seoul Fashion Week’ which was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Jung-gu, Seoul, from March 21 to 26. Here are some tips for better fits and workout and diet plans that can get you in a slim and curvy body.


Black pants and jackets are the most common items seen at 2016 Seoul Fashion Week. Because of the color they go with any type of clothes. Also, they make people look skinnier than they are. Accessories such as hats, bags or shoes add polished vibe to the look which may feel bland.

Retro, Monochrome

Thanks to the retro fever, the colors that were considered out of style are back on the stage. There are more people wearing strong colors such as purple, green and red to express themselves. Good thing about putting on monochromatic outfit is that it brightens up the general appearance. It can also hide faults in body figure.

Diet Plans for ‘Perfect Body Line’

It is commonly known that fashion models are under strict management to retain their body shape. However, harsh kind of diet only gets ordinary people discouraged from making their body fit.

To make perfect body, sufficient water intake and sweating out is compulsory. It is good to hydrate your body with vegetable and fruit that is high in water content. When drinking water, avoid tea of coffee because caffeine drains water out from your body. Letting some seat out by adequate amount of exercise and stretching stimulates blood circulation and increases metabolic rate. Thus, it is important to drink lots of water.

Tips for Ordinary People to Get in Shape 1 How to Work on Legs

If your legs look bigger compared to your upper body, you need to slow down your eating pace. Fast-eaters are likely to gain fat on the belly or legs because more amount of food is poured into the stomach than how much it can process at a time.

Violent movements are not good for slimming down the lower part of body. It takes away energy from digestive organs which already lack the capacity. You may gain more fat instead of losing them. Exercise with light activities such as stretching or yoga that boosts bodily metabolism.

Tips for Ordinary People to Get in Shape 2 How to Work on Upper Body

Many of those who have large arms or shoulder have body that easily heats up. Harmonious lifestyle with enough sleep and less salty food can improve such condition.

Moreover, it is essential to stimulate lower part of body with exercises like cycling or stepping. Climbing stairs or light stroll could help to strengthen the legs and vitalize the activities in upper body. Since breasts are the most conspicuous part of upper body, pay extra attention to take care of them. Soft and perky breasts complete the perfect curves of body.

Choi Hang Seok, a surgeon of JK Plastic Surgery Center in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, said “Women who seek for ways to make perfect fit are greatly interested in breasts. Large and busty does not always mean good. Recently, the biggest issue in breast augmentation is to make them natural. If they look fake, you might not get the fit you wanted even after the surgery.”

“That is why more women are interested in water drop breast surgery, a type of breast augmentation popular in Korea. Water drop breast surgery uses tear drop implant which is similar to the shape of natural breasts. Even those with very small breasts or thin skin can get the surgery with this implant,” he added.

Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery Center located in Seoul, Korea, is equipped with aseptic system for operating rooms with air mattresses and air shower. Moreover, it owns state of the art anesthetic drugs and machine with uninterruptable power supply system which guarantees safe operation even under blackout condition. It makes sure that surgical equipment is at the best condition by conducting regular checkup.

JK Plastic Surgery Center has central monitoring system that checks patients’ condition real time and report to the medical staff immediately when there are any unusual symptoms found so the treatment can be done as quick as possible. Also, CPR team, first aid drugs, cardioverter defibrillator, cricothyroidotomy kit, laryngeal mask and other equipment needed for emergency are ready to prevent any accident, any time.

(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Center, bntnews DB)

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