‘1% Of Anything’ Jun So Min Takes Words Out Of Ha Seok Jin’s Mouth


[Ent Team] What could Jun So Min have said to Ha Seok Jin to keep him quiet?

The ending the last episode of ‘1% of Anything’ (the sixth) left the viewers in a sweet and warm atmosphere as Lee Jae In (Ha Seok Jin) felt asleep on Kim Da Hyun (Jun So Min)’s shoulder.

The rumor has it going that in the episode that is set to air on October 26, Lee Jae In will ask his girlfriend out for instant noodles when she will answer him the ultimate line.

It’s said to be a long, long monologue that Jun So Min indulges in and which include skinship moments. These words made Ha Seok Jin unable to even move a finger, which adds to the excitement that is already all around the show.

Meanwhile, ‘1% of Anything’ airs every Wed-Tuesdays at 9PM KST on Dramax. (photo by godinmedia)

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