Zico to Appear in ‘Infinite Challenge: Perfect Sense’


[by Woorim Ahn] The second story of ‘Perfect Sense’ will air in MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’.

From the previous episode, the members had candid shot just like they had skydiving from the staffs. On the upcoming episode, Yang Se Hyung and Zico will appear as guests and they will have the same thing as the members.

A total of five parts are divided into five senses and through a competition, the show will choose the program’s representing sensors of the five senses. In particular, GFRIEND showed up for visual test and Jung Sung Ho, Jung Jong Chul, Kim Hak Do and other comedians appeared for listening test.

Meanwhile, the second story of ‘Perfect Sense’ will air on April 9. (photo by MBC)

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