Zico Is About to Release His Mini Album ‘Gallery’


[by Woorim Ahn] Zico’s schedule became a hot issue.

The mass public is anticipating for his mini album ‘Gallery’ that will be released on December 7 since Zion.T and singer-songwriter Suran joined as featuring guests.

According to his agency Seven Seasons, Zico filmed a total of 3 music videos for all the songs in his single. Particularly, two of them were taken in the United States, which means Zico digested such hectic schedules crossing over Korea and America.

Moreover, while he was preparing for the album, Zico had Block B’s Amercia tour concert as the leader. Block B successfully finished its concerts in San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles on November 11-15. As the producer of his album, he kept working on the album while he was in such schedule.

His agency said, “Although he was given about an hour for his break, he only focused on raising his album’s completion degree and he never complained about it. People can see the album which is full of Zico’s passion.”

Meanwhile, Zico’s mini album ‘Gallery’ will be released on December 7. (photo by Seven Seasons)

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