‘You Are Beautiful3’ Yang Jin Ah, How Did She Transform from High Obesity to ‘Skinny’?


[by Lee Hye Jung] Korea’s makeover show for middle-aged women, TV Chosun ‘You Are Beautiful3’ challenger Yang Jin Ah’s remarkable change is a hot issue.

Yang Jin Ah decided to appear in the show because of her saggy breasts after 5 births and abdominal fat. In particular, her breasts were sagging too much, her nipples were facing the floor and the abdominal fat stretched out her abdominal wall which made her need for correction an urgent matter.

JK Plastic Surgery’s Healing Doctors Kim Sung Sik, Baek Hye Won, Kwon Soon Hong, and Bae Jun Sung have stepped in for an amazing transformation for Yang Jin Ah. The most urgent surgery for Yang Jin Ah was a liposuction, which adjusted her high obesity. It was hard for her to make changes to her body with weight loss alone, because she had too much fat accumulated in her arms, thighs, back and sides along with her breasts and abdomen. JK plastic surgeon’s medical staff performed surgery on excess accumulated fat by using ultrasonic waves to dissolve and suctioning out the fat.

After the liposuction, Yang Jin Sh’s new slim figure completely obliterated her past image of obesity and received cheers from the cast and audiences.

Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery, a renowned plastic surgeon in Korea, has sterile operating room based on the US Federal Standard for FED and STANDARD 209D. It is equipped with emergency response team (CPR TEAM) for patients’ safety, emergency medical equipment and connection with general hospitals to cope with any emergency situation. It also has a steady record of 0% medical accidents for 20 years after opening the clinic.

After surgery, they work hard to improve patient satisfaction through systematic follow-up care and they are widely known as a comprehensive plastic surgery center with residing anesthesiologists on site. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery, TV Chosun ‘You Are Beautiful3’ captured image)

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