Yoona-Themed OST for THE K2 Are Released Simultaneously


[by Ent Team] 2 tracks of the OST for ‘THE K2’ were revealed simultaneously.

TvN made a hit with Fri-Saturday drama series ‘The K2’: it’s super popular and the audience is extremely eager to discover all the songs that compose the soundtrack. This is why they decided to unveil PART2 and PART3 of the OST at the same time.

The theme songs for the character of Go Anna (played by Yoona) include ‘Sometimes’ by Yoo Seong Eun and ‘Amazing Grace’ by Yoona herself.

‘Sometimes’ is a minimalist ballad based on a piano’s sound that perfectly translates into music the hearts of the protagonists. The delicate and appealing voice of Yoo Seong Eun will resonate with the fate of the love story.

Guitarist Park Shin Won took part to the song and the whole producing, arranging and writing was operated by JYP’s own team.

Meanwhile ‘THE K2’ OST PART2 and PART3 respectively by Yoo Seong Eun and Yoona was released earlier today. (photo by CJ E&M)

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