Yoon Joong Shin Invites Zico In For February


[by Ent Team] Yoon Joong Shin and Zico team up.

It’s about time singer Yoon Joong Shin releases the second extract out of his monthly project ‘Monthly Yoon Joong Shin.’ Wi-Fi’ will be released on February 24.

Yoon announced the release date and uploaded the single cover on social networks himself, adding to the excitement that Zico is part of February’s deal.

The cover features a crowded street in black and white which portrays the nostalgic and sad mood of the song which deals with farewell.

Zico is the first artist to be featured on this 2017 musical project. He’s a talented musician who proved his multiple skills numerous times as part of his group Block B, in solo, or as a producer and writer. The rapper has a brand that goes beyond hip-hop: he does R&B, ballads and other genres as well and his music is always very refined. His albums are always successful.

The expectations regarding the synergy of such a great name of the hip-hop world with one of the greatest voices of Korea are high.

Yoon previously showed collaborations with other rappers in his career. His free music is the result of his experiments with some of the biggest names including Tablo, Beenzino, Gaeko, Swings, Winner Song Min Ho, or Hanhae.

Meanwhile, ‘Wi-Fi’ will be released on February 24 on various sites. (photo by Mystic Entertainment)

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