Yoon Dujun writes to fans on a leave from military service


While HIGHLIGHT‘s Yoon Dujun is on his first leave from the army, he said hi the fans through his Instagram.

Below is the full text of his letter:

Hello, this is Dujun. How have you been?

The weather has suddenly turned cold. The most important thing is to always stay warm and watch out for the cold. It’s really awkward to be writing like this for the first time in a long time.

I am, of course, doing well. As this was my first leave, time flew by. I met people I had missed, did things I had wanted to do, and this week has been very fruitful.

Oh, and did you enjoy the concert? I watched a lot of the videos and wished I had been there too. Watching the four perform on stage, I felt sorry for the members and you all, I was envious as well, and then I got excited when I thought of the moment when we’ll all be together.

It will take a long while, but as I’ve always told you, when we faithfully and diligently lead our lives, the time will come. Time definitely passes, so I am trying to not worry too much!

You must be wondering about my life in the military. Thanks to the officers and my superiors’ kind help, I am adapting well. Don’t be so worried, and I hope you always take care of your own health. Now I will return and faithfully serve my duty, and I will greet you again on my next leave. Thank you so much for the letters. Take care not to catch a cold. Bye!

[Image source: Yoon Dujun Instagram]