YOO SIJIN, to successfully rescue MOYEON from Agus [Descendants of the Sun]


Today, Yoo Sijin goes on to save Kang Moyeon who is kidnapped by Agus. To save his loved one, he takes off his military uniform and sets out in search of the gang.

Even though there is a lot of tension going on when facing Agus, Sijin remains calm and tries not to provoke the gang. Suddenly, a single shot is fired. It is Alpha Team! They come to help their captain in saving Moyeon.

Yet, Agus threatens Sijin that Moyeon has a bomb on her body. To Moyeon who is shivering with fear, Sijin tries to calm her down by saying, “I am sorry for being so late. Don’t move and stay still. You trust me?”

Yoo Sijin is a real hero. As he is an experienced soldier, he succeeds in saving Moyeon from Agus. After going through a life-and-death incident, things between them seem to get more serious.

Could this cause a crack in their relationship? Let’s check it out today!

[Descendants of the Sun]

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