Yoo Seung-ho and why he chose his role in Remember



On December 3rd in Mokdong Seoul at the SBS office building, SBS held a production press conference for its new Wednesday Thursday drama. The drama Remember, is written by Yoon Hyun-ho, directed by Lee Chang-min, and produced by Logos Film. Everyone attended including leading actors: Yoo Seung-ho, Park Min-young, Park Sung-woong, Nam Goong-min Jung Hye-seong and all of the production staff.

The drama Remember is about a lawyer named Seo Jin-woo(Yoo Seung-ho) who suffers from hyperthymesia (excessive memory syndrome). He needs to fight the (legal) system in order to free his father (played by Jun Kwang-ryul) who has been wrongly imprisoned. Yoo Seung-ho plays Seo Jin-woo, a genius lawyer with perfect memory.

Yoo Seung-ho said the reason he chose to work on this project was “The script alone seemed really exciting, and I’ve never played a lawyer before, so it got me even more interested. The excessive memory syndrome isn’t a good ability for Jin-woo. He used it to become a lawyer and save his father, but it has a hidden negative side. I chose this drama, because I think the pain my character feels will be able to be felt by the viewers at home as they watch.

Because he is the youngest lawyer ever, he looks out of place in court. He looks like a young kid who is wearing his father’s suit. If it ever happens in real life, I want people to be like, isn’t he like the character Jin-woo from Remember? There are a lot of fun and interesting things in this drama.”

Seung-ho had to act as a character with Hyperthymesia (excessive memory syndrome). Talking about the difficult parts he said “He keeps things in his head, like you would a picture. At first I wanted it to be a struggle to deal with, but then it quickly becomes the ability to quickly memorise things. That is how I tried to portray it. In the early phases using that kind of memory is fine. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought.”


Yoo Seung-ho, on the subject of acting with Park Min-young said “Not even I know what is going to happen until the script comes out. I will try to save my father, but as for romance…” “I still don’t know yet. I have to quickly save my father,” he said with a blush and a smile.

About meeting Park Min-young “When I started work on this drama and I saw Min-young, and got flustered. The character In-ha just came out at me. I was super nervous. I got used to it as we shot together. Min-young did really well, so it improved the shooting overall.,” he said conveying his thanks.

About prospective viewer rating he said “I talked about viewer rating in a previous interview and I said hopefully 25-30%. I realize that these days it might be harder to hit those numbers. So I’m going to say 25%. I will work with Min-young to hit our target.” He said hopefully.

Yoo Seung-ho concluded by saying “I put a lot of consideration into how to portal Jin-woo’s struggle to save his father, in a way that viewers can share in” He concluded.

SBS’s new Wednesday, Thursday drama Remember begins broadcasting December 9th and 10pm.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Walt Disney Company Korea

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