Yong Jun Hyung to Make His Comeback


[by Bae Jung Yun] B2ST Yong Jun Hyung makes his comeback as a project duet in April.

On April 27 at midnight KST, he will release the project digital single, which is a duet with a talented musician DAVII. A total of two tracks are included in the album and both people participated in song writing, lyrics writing and producing the album. It is a new concept of a project that completes the album with each other’s strong musical synergy.

Previously, when his duet becomes known by the mass public, his fans in and out of the country were very surprised by it. He came back as a solo after three years since his first solo album ‘Flower’. He will show his experimental and unique music style on his upcoming album.

The musician DAVII released his debut single album in 2014. He is a rookie singer song-writer that has attractive and talented singing ability. Also, he participated in co-producing the song such as ‘In the End’ by Noel and ‘Can’t Let You Go’ by Postmen with Yong Jun Hyung and became a hit maker that receives a spotlight in the world of singers.

Yong Jun Hyung unveiled a teaser image of him and DAVII through CUBE Entertainment’s official social media and announced their comeback. From the unveiled photo, Yong Jun Hyung showed off his charisma as a solo other than a member of B2ST. DAVII also created a dreamy atmosphere by appearing in the teaser. Moreover, on April 22, Yong Jun Hyung disclosed a post that is hinting his upcoming project album on his Instagram and announced his comeback first to his fans.

Whether a young artist Yong Jun Hyung and DAVII’s surprising project single album will make a grand finale of April and capture the music fans’ heart collects anticipation.

Meanwhile, Yong Jun Hyung and DAVII’s project single album will drop on April 26 at midnight KST. (photo by CUBE Entertainment)

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