Yong Hwa’s ‘Summer Calling’ in Japan!


A singer-songwriter Jung Yong Hwa’s second solo album will be put on sale in Japan soon.

Yong Hwa released his Japanese second solo album ‘Summer Calling’ on August 9th. This album is a new solo album in about two years and five months after ‘One Fine Day(ある素敵な日)’ in 2015.

The title song ‘Summer Dream’ is a dance song admiring summer days. In pre-released music video of ‘Summer Dream’, Yong Hwa made a love story with Lauren Tsai, a Japanese new model star. Starting with ‘Summer Dream’, there are four new songs including ‘Intro’, ‘Make You Mine’, and ‘Life is a party’. The album also includes some tracks from his mini-album ‘DO DISTURB’ such as ‘Closer’, ‘Not Anymore’, ‘Navigation’, and ‘Password’.

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa will start his live tour ‘JUNG YONG HWA JAPAN CONCERT 2017 “Summer Calling“’ from his first performance held in Osaka Festival Hall.

[Image Source : FNC Entertainment]