Yeon Woojin successfully wrapped up his fan meeting in Japan.


Yeon Woojin showed off his dancing skills at his fan meeting in Japan.

According to Jump Entertainment, Yeon Woojin finished his fan meeting in Tokyo on September 3. It was his third fan meeting in Japan, and including the set tour designed for Japanese fans this year, it was his fifth encounter with Japanese fans.

Yeon Woojin made a surprise appearance from the audience seats. He greeted his fans in Japanese and talked about his previous dramas. He also showed some dance moves and said “dancing is hard” for him. He promoted his drama ‘Queen for Seven Days’ which will premiere on Japan’s KNTV.

Lastly, he wrapped up the fan meeting by singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine.’ He shook hands and hugged each and every fan.

Yeon Woojin said, “I will remember each face that I met today and try my best to show good performance.”

[image source: JUMP Entertainment]