“Worried about dry skin?” Beauty Tips for Career Women by KICHO


[by Song Eun Ji] For office workers, office is where they spend as much as time they spend at home. As the time they spend in front of their desks get longer, one of things that they gain is the ‘beauty problems’.

Unlike your home where you can manage your skin freely, it is inevitable to neglect your skin care in the office where you share with other people, due to busy work and so many other reasons. However, there is no way that a career woman like you who has to show professionalism can leave yourself looking like a mess. KICHO, a skin sommelier brand that was created by combining the know-how of beauty for more than 50 years by Doo Yeon Co., Ltd., shared the beauty know-how that can maintain perfection even at the office.

Worry-free makeup with strong ‘base’

If you want to maintain the perfect makeup in your office, you need to build a solid foundation first. Before applying the base makeup, let’s create a hydration barrier on your skin with a moisturizing cream that feels light on your skin yet rich in nutrition such as the Sheep Oil cream. Then, apply moisturizing sunscreen to complete the basic skin care and it will increase the sustainability to maintain a clean and long wearing makeup.

‘Moisture replenishment’ for easily drying skin

In the office filled with dry air, moisture replenishment is the most important thing to maintain moisturized skin. Drink water from time to time to ensure you have enough water in the body. In addition, install a humidifier on your desk to prevent the air from drying out. If you suffer from severe dry skin, keep a facial mist handy and use it every time you feel dry or apply a small amount of moisturizing cream on your face and build a hydration barrier.

Maintain ‘Perfection’ by fixing the makeup

The base makeup loose its vitality and get ruined over time. If you want to take care of the dryness as well as the brightness of your makeup at the same time, let’s fix your makeup with a cushion product. The cushion pact is not only convenient to carry around but also adds moisture to your skin, making it an excellent item for the workers who worry about dry skin. Try fixing your makeup with a CC Cushion which contains large amount of moisturizing ingredients to help create a skin filled with moisture. It allows to express more natural and glossy skin compared to an ordinary cushion, and you will be able to maintain perfect skin condition all day long.

01 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM is an all-in-one care cream created with lanolin ingredient extracted from young sheep’s fleece and adding 8 kinds of ingredients from the berries. This functional moisturizer is whitening, anti-aging, nourishing cream in a single bottle.

02 KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Sun cream Botanical embryo extracted from germinated beans protects skin health and can be used fresh and moisturized without white cast or stickiness. It is light enough to use as daily sun cream before makeup.

03 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION With its excellent durability and coverage, the skin stays clear and bright all day long. Deep sea water, western rose flower, shea butter and black ginseng extract is added to the finest New Zealand lanolin refined in Germany will make skin moist and healthy. (photo by KICHO, Movie ‘I Don’t Know How She does it’ still cuts, bntnews DB)

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