Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Joined in Babylon’s New Track


[by Woorim Ahn] Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun revealed her feelings to participate in Babylon’s album.

On April 28, Babylon released his single ‘Raining Street’ that Ye Eun was featured in. Recently, she said after her collaboration with him, “Babylon is powerful and detailed vocalist. He definitely has his own color.”

Not only featuring, but Ye Eun also helped producing ‘Raining Street’ for her friend, Babylon. Moreover, hot trackmaker Groovy Room participated in the song to raise its completion degree.

He expressed a man’s feeling that fell in love at first sight with a lady walking down the streets in a rainy day. It is pretty interesting that the lyrics saying the lady also watched the guy as well.

Meanwhile, Babylon’s single album ‘BETWEEN US’ was released on April 28 at midnight. (photo by Seven Seasons)

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