‘Witch’ Jinwook met Ideum’s mother in the past? [Witch at Court]


On tonight’s episode of ‘Witch at Court‘, the connection between Jinwook and Youngsil (Ideum’s mother) will be revealed. It turns out that they were both at the scene of fire in Ko Jaesook‘s mental institute.

Stills of the upcoming episode were released. In one photo, Jinwook is standing in front of his desk with an absent-minded face. Then the rest of the photos shows what happened in the past, when Jinwook was still a student. Youngsil is surrounded by flames and looks horrified. In another photo, Youngsil is standing inside the hospital room, while young Jinwook is standing in the hallway. Then, Jinwook is looking at the nurse who is pointing at something, or someone.

Why is Youngsil locked up in a mental institute, and what brings young Jinwook here? The secret behind the fire in the institute will be revealed tonight. Youngsil and Jinwook‘s connection will lead story to another direction, so stay tuned!

[Witch at Court]

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