‘Witch’ Ideum & Jinwook are in a courtroom turned madhouse! [Witch at Court]


Ideum is sitting in the audience instead of the prosecutor’s seat.

The trial for the murder of the female student who committed prostitution takes place on the upcoming episode. Ideum worked very hard to undo injustice and reveal the truth behind Gong Sua’s death, but how come she is not participating in the trial as the prosecutor? Instead, she is watching the trial from the audience seat.

Minho is an accessory to the crime, which means that even though he helped with the murder, he is not the main offender. However, when he is accused of being the principal offender, he yells at lawyer Heo Yoonkyung and springs out at Taegyu, who is the real principal.

Minho‘s unpredictable act makes Jinwook flustered because it will only make things worse at the trial. Why did Minho make such disturbance at the court? Minho and Taegyu are both claiming that they are accessory to the crime. What is the verdict going to say?

[Witch at Court]
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