Winner Reveals ‘Island’ Choreography Video


[by Ent Team] Winner released the choreography video for ‘Island’.

Winner revealed their dance practice video for ‘Island’ through their official blog.

The dance practice video starts with Song Minho’s exciting performance and meshes well with the unique lyrics and polished bright melody.

Out of all of Winner’s songs, ‘Island’ is the song with the most dance points.  Especially from their groovy performance to their controlled group dance they show various moves that catch your attention.  As if on a real vacation, their exciting gestures that draw out waves and a sunset stick out. The carefree atmosphere is also memorable.

In addition, Island’s intro has a memorable dance hall sound and is of the tropical genre. It is full of a cheerful and refreshing atmosphere making it a good song to listen to during the hot summer.

Meanwhile, Winner member Kim Jinwoo shows a new charm through his appearance on today’s (9th) broadcast of MBC ‘Radio Star’. (photo by YG Entertainment)