Will HWICHEOL find out his GEUMBI is SICK? [My Fair Lady]


Actress Oh Yuna shows herself tonight.

Meanwhile, Geumbi goes to see her doctor. She is diagnosed with Niemann-Pick disease. And, it looks like she is aware of it. Her doctor suggests her to go to an orphanage so that she could receive medical treatment for free. However, Geumbi doesn’t want to leave Hwicheol andGanghui.

At the same time, she’s afraid Hwicheol might betray her like what her aunt did if she tells him that she’s sick.

Moreover, Ganghui is being a really good mother to Geumbi.

What happens to Ganghui if Geumbi meets her real mother? What happens if Hwicheol finds out about his daughter’s illness?

[My Fair Lady]

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