Why does NANGIL have TATTOOS on his back!? [Sweet Stranger and Me]


A new stepfather? A younger stepfather? That’s strange and weird for sure. There’s even a hidden secret! Something unexpected will start to happen tonight.

Ko Nangil tells Hong Nari that he is her new father. Misunderstanding him as some kind of a gold digger, she doesn’t believe him. However, as he shows her a picture of them together, she cannot reject the fact anymore.

Meanwhile, Kwon Deokbong is watching the two from far behind. He needs to stay close to them because he has his own goal to accomplish.

This mysterious young stepfather seems nice, hardworking man who’s kept Nari‘s mother’s house exactly the way it was. Not only that, but he also thinks her as a part of his family. He really cares about her. After finding out that he cheated on her, he warns him to stay away from her.

Will Nari admit Nangil as her new father? What’s Nangil‘s secret?

[Sweet Stranger and Me]

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