Who’s curious about SONG JOONGKI’s rookie season? [Let’s Go! Dream Team]


On today’s ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team’ show, Song Joongki‘s rookie season is mentioned. He was actually one of the members who started ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2’.

On that day, Song Joongki showed better athletic abilities than others. As you all know, he is doing a great job in showing his manliness through ‘Descendants of the Sun’. Here, in ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team’ as well, he showed his desire for winning to the public back then.

Not only did he prove how good he is at sports, he also showed some girl group dance moves.

You can also watch his interview with MC Lee Changmyeong. Check out why he cried at the end of the interview!

[Let’s Go! Dream Team]

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