When Ma Dong Seok and Choi Min Ho Fight Over Love


[by Ent Team] The poster of ‘No Way To Go’ is already a hot issue.

The movie that you must not miss in 2016, ‘No Way To Go’, will be starring top actor Ma Dong Seok and SHINee member Choi Min Ho in a powerful encounter.

‘No Way To Go’ is an action movie that tells the story of two men who start a gruesome battle to protect their loved one.

The poster was recently revealed and it effectively depicts the ambiance of the film. A very dark take, in which Ma Dong Seok offers a powerful gaze where Choi Min Ho’s calm expression catches the eye. Between the two actors staring at each other appears a mysterious question that stimulates curiosity: “Who will be the baddest?”

‘No Way To Go’, the story of Ma Dong Seok and Choi Min Ho’s exciting encounter will premier late November. (photo by MCMC FILM)

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