What’s Inside the KOKO Set?! / Olia Pylypenko


If you have not noticed yet, KBS World is very generous when it comes to organizing fun events for the fans of the Korean pop culture. These events require you to complete certain tasks, and in return you get the chance to win some awesome stuff, such as a polaroid camera, a signed CD of a famous K-pop group, or even a trip to Seoul!

Being one of the event’s winners, I have received the KOKO Set! As soon as I found out that it arrived, I rushed to pick it up; however, I made one huge mistake. I picked it up and went to class…We talked about some policies and NPOs, but all I could think about was the precious gift box that was lying under my chair. When I finally got home and opened it, I could not believe how many cool goodies I got, so I decided to show you what’s inside the KOKO Set.

(I hope you are just as excited as I was when opening it. Here we go!)

The first item I got out of the box was the KOKO plush toy.

When I was a kid I rarely got toys as a gift just because I rarely asked for them…That is why when I receive toys now, I can’t stop smiling for about 20 minutes; that’s how happy I get! Once I took KOKO out, I knew it was love at first sight. I could not help but hug and pet her ^.^ Because she is small, I made room for her on my table where she proudly sits and watches me study.

The second item was the planner and pens!

Let’s get it straight – I love planners. This one came in in purple color; it has plenty of blank pages for planning, doodling, anything! But besides that, it includes a yearly plan, a monthly plan, and cute photos of your favorite KBS dramas and TV-programs (presence of Park Bo Gum and Lee Soo Hyuk in this journal makes me want to carry it around with me all the time :D). The mini-pen is comfortable to use, and thanks to the attached string, it can be used as an accessory.

Next up, the KOKO memo holder.

How it should be used: use this memo holder for important reminders of meetings and tasks to do.

How I use it: I thought since I received a great planner which I am already using to write down everything I need to do, I might as well use this adorable memo holder to portray a message that makes me and my roommates smile!

Coming up next, the KOKO bottle!

A day before I received this set, my friend won a water bottle at an event that was held at our university. To be honest, I was a bit jealous, as I have wanted one for a long time now…And ta-da! Good things come to those who wait. The KOKO Bottle is small, portable, and cute, which encourages me to drink more water.

Yes, it is still not over yet! Next we’ve got a stylish calendar.

Considering that it is the beginning of the New Year, this gift came in right on time! It is big enough for you to write down reminders for each day, which is useful when you have a calendar in front of your eyes like I do. I adore the photos included for each month, and who cares that it is not December, when you can look at BTS? C:

Finally, the tote bag!

In one of my previous posts on Kim Ji Won’s fashion in “Fight for My Way,” I pointed out that she was inseparable from her white tote bag. Well, guess what? If you participate in an event organized by KBS World, you might win a similar bag! Not only does it give you a chance to re-create Kim Ji Won’s outfits, but it also allows you to let the whole world know that you are KBS World’s best friend!

When I first found out about contests organized by KBS World, I immediately proceeded to participation. But I did not win from the first time. One time I got nothing, and second time, and third… but hey, look at me now! I have noticed that people would often say things like, “Oh, too bad I am untalented and cannot do anything,” which upsets me a lot. Please, never put yourself down! I would like to encourage all of you to participate. It is free of charge, and the biggest sacrifice you need to make is your personal time. Whenever you think, “I won’t win…” try also thinking, “But what if I do!” and let the positive thinking guide you. I am sure you all can win! Just be persistent and fight for it.

Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Always yours,