What Should I Wear Today? Help Me Find My Fashion Style ‘Leggings’!


[by Hwang Sukwon] Wearing a uniform every day just like the old days miss you? Then, you are suffering from the ‘what should I wear today’ syndrome.

Choosing the right outfit is a big concern every morning. Is there a way to stay in fashion with comfortable and simple clothes?

If this problem concerns you, pay attention to ‘leggings.’ They are convenient, fashionable, good for activities, and keep you warm. It is definitely the fashion item where diverse  qualities are gathered.

‘Convenience’ Added to Skinny Jeans’ Stylishness

Skinny jeans are the items that are continuously loved by women thanks to their function to complement women’s figures. But the ‘inconvenience’ is the major fault of this item.

Leggings have the benefits of skinny jeans but have got rid of their flaw. They help you have a very slim figure but are very stretchy and comfortable. You can wear them on any occasions.

Leggings Match To Any Clothes and Any Places

What is the other charm of leggings? You can wear them anytime and anywhere and they perfectly match to any clothes and accessories, letting you have an easy natural look.

Leggings can create different looks such as a feminine and elegant outfit or a comfortable and sporty look. They flaunt an excellent practicability and are therefore loved by many women including celebrities.

Stretchy Sportswear That Keep You Warm

Leggings have many other advantages as well. If you look at their practical sides, they keep you warm and are very stretchy. So they are the perfect clothes for indoor and outdoor ‘sportswear.’

Leggings keep your body balanced and guarantee convenience when you move. They are perfect for indoor sports like Pilates, yoga, and aerobics. But they are also very useful for cycling and hiking since they keep you warm. It is definitely a smart item that can be used even for outside activities. (photo by BLJ leggings, bntnews DB)

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