What is Sexy this Summer? Showing off the Belly Button!

[by Kim Min Soo] In the humid weather, female artists are bolding showing off more every day. However they don’t show private areas like cleavage or the butt but the ‘belly button’, becoming an interest of the public in the process.
Especially including showing off slim waist and slender legs, the belly button is also a basic part to show off in the stylish fashion of this new summer season; a new trend that has become the spotlight. Of course they garner attention through pictorials and official events but they gain more from their normal clothes.
Revealing belly buttons that is already a topic of fashion among women. Let’s get to know about the hot styling of revealing belly buttons in this summer season of the recently female singers who were spotted on their way to Music Bank.
#Lee Hyori 

‘Living legend’ Korea’s sexy female singer Lee Hyori. She showed up with a girlish heart pose with stylish fashion, revealing herself after a long time. Her style was one that fashionistas would kill for.
Appearing with a comfortable and natural feel, she matched navy color pants and jackets together capturing the attention of the public. It almost looked as if she borrowed clothes from a monk but her stripped top that revealed her belly button perfectly rebirthed Lee Hyori’s style that only she can do.
[Editor Pick] If you already showed your belly button can you show your shoulders too? Full-scale heat has begun. Don’t feel burdened about revealing yourself, how about enjoying the summer coolly? An off-shoulder blouse that gives off a feminine and sexy beauty while adding on or not adding khaki pants can finish a natural revealing fashion.
#Red Velvet Seulgi 
Girl group Red Velvet that has melted the hearts of many males. Member Seulgi who shows mature beauty on stage and is rising in popularity is becoming a topic of fashion. On the day of Music Bank rehearshals, she showed off a fresh and exciting charm with her punching detailed yellow top that matched with denim pants, creating a double casual mood.
[Editor Pick] If you are revealing your body, the item you cannot forget is short sleeves. If you want to give a cute feeling, choose an item with a color point. In addition, matching with wide denim pants can present an individual and unique style.
#Stellar Junyool 
The most outstanding singer is Stellar’s Junyool. Usually possessing sexy pictorials and the hearts of many males through her healthy image, she showed off her curvy body, polishing her look with a white top and ripped denim pants, boasting of a voluptuous female beauty.
[Editor Pick] Transformed sleeveless is capturing women’s hearts. Especially this  cool item that shows off the neckline can receive recognition as a trendy style matching well rhythmically with any type of pants. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)
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