What Are the Trendiest Colors for My Lips This Winter?


[by Park Si On/translated by Kim Young Shin] My-lip-but-better (MLBB) pink colors are good for all year round, but they are the color in trend this winter.

Unlike other loud colors, pink is just right for expressing loveliness in cold winter days. Let’s find out how to transform into a graceful lady from a cute girl or vice versa.

Pink with yellow tones, for example, unsaturated coral pink, can add maiden-like characteristic to the face. It is also very easy to use for both making a gradation and applying on full lips.

Raspberry Pink is perfect for giving a specific point. Gradation of the color will add liveliness to the face. Pink can demonstrate feminine appearance with mature and elegant atmosphere.


A glass of light red Sloe Gin, which has the color of fresh wild plum, brightens the face. This skinny lipstick is good for meticulous drawings. Its bold color and adherence lasts the red coral color long and neat.

The product, which has the look of a coloring pencil, can be used in various ways by mixing with other colors, gradation or sharp lip makeups. As soon as it is applied, the color fits onto the skin and instantly turns powdery. The item smoothly lands on the lips without any crumb. Also, its vivid color stays on for long.

The color pigment in the lipstick helps the product to maintain its own rich color on the skin.


Rasberry Pink, a powerful tool to create feminine looks, makes you get tinged with a drop of raspberry juice and brighten up your facial tone.

The lip marker is a pen type: neither having a brush nor a tip, so you don’t need to adjust its amount to draw delicate lip line and it is easy for reapplication. It does not get sticky as it absorbs into the lips right away and the color stays for long.

Its natural color allows for multiple applications to conveniently create gradation lip.


The coral pink color with yellow tone is full of vitality and it gives an image of warmth and sweetness of a vintage pink leaf. Its cotton-finish texture leaves the lip powdery, allowing to express chic and non-glossy lip makeup.

The creamy texture does not irritate the lips and the vegetable oil in the product reduces the dead skin cells and wrinkles on the lips for softer touch. The crayon has high pigment not only for its vivid color, but also for an easy to match with other colors since the brand applied easy-blending system. (photo by Stylenanda 3CE, bntnews DB)

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