Welcome To Momoland


[By Ent Team] Momoland just revealed its first tracklist.

On November 3, Dublekick Company released the tracklist behind Momoland’s debut mini-album ‘Welcome to Momoland’.

The title track of the new girlgroup’s first ever album is called ‘Jjan! Koong! Kwang!’

Many star producers including Duble Sidekick, Tenzo & Tasco and SEION teamed up to offer Momoland the best of pop dance numbers.

The mini-album contains 5 tracks beside ‘Jjan! Koong! Kwang!’. ‘Welcome to Momoland’ (the song, not the album) was already previewed through Mnet’s ‘Survival Finding Momoland’.

A representative said “Duble Sidekick, Sinsadong Tiger, Tenzo & Tasco, a lot of talented producers worked with and protected Momoland for the creation of this mini album. This is not an album that will disappoint you.”

Meanwhile, Momoland’s debut mini-album ‘Welcome to Momoland’ will be available on November 11. (Photo by Dublekick Company)

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