‘Weekly Idol’ Jung Hyung Don Displays Great Special Chemistry with A Pink


[By Ent Team / Nawael Khelil] Jung Hyung Don makes an impressive comeback.

In an episode of ‘Weekly Idol’ to broadcast on MBC Everyone on Octobre 5, MC Park Hyung Don makes a come back after a one-year hiatus. And to celebrate, he’s bringing A Pink, who recently made its comeback with ‘Only One.’

The news of Jung coming back to the show was made on the day of the filming, hence the excitement was huge. His first words were “It’s a little awkward and I am actually really nervous.”

Also, A-Pink attented the show to celebrate not only its comeback with new single ‘Only You’ but also the return of Jung – congratulations and friendship display is to je expected. The filming was apparently wrapped in the best situation, with Jung Hyung Don and A Pink members being friends in real life, they had a lot of fun and were very comfortable.

Their chemistry is especially to be expected in their ‘Random Play Dance’ segment, to which Jung took part this time. It’s been a long time since A Pink last played this game and the girls are going to be punished. That is one news that got the public excited.

Meanwhile, ‘Weekly Idol’ airs every Wednesday at 6PM on MBC Everyone. (Photo by Weekly Idol)

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