Want to Change Your Image Like Sulli, Hyerim, and Hyuna?


[by Yoon Jihye] Sulli, Hyerim, and Hyuna are stars who present newness to the general public through an amazing image change for each of their activities.

Hyerim who has come back with a new album attracted the eye with slimmer body and looks that reveal retro and girl-crush charms. Sulli showed lively charm through choppy bang. Hyuna always presents a different image with her make-up that shows an innocent look and a sexy look in turn.

If you want to change your image like these stars, now pay attention. Here introduced are the make-up and fashion styles for an image transformation.


What you can most easily try to change your image is make-up. If you want to have very different images like Hyuna who wears a light daily make-up usually and a strong make-up for a performance, try a strong makeup.

If your eye makeup is heavy, all your makeup looks heavy. First of all, you need to have clean skin to complete neat, attractive makeup. Correct and improve your skin tone by using a makeup base which can effectively hide your skin blemishes. If you use a blue-colored makeup base, you can effectively cover pigmentation on your skin; if you use a violet-colored one, you can direct brighter skin.

After that, apply a dark brown eye shadow on your double eyelid lines, and fill the parts between your eyelashes with an eyeliner. Use a mascara for a greater volume of eyelashes. Or you can also attach fake eyelashes.


Presenting a different hairstyle can be a good way to change your image. Sulli changed her hairstyle from a long, feminine one into choppy bang, making a radical image transformation. Likewise, you can change your image drastically by giving just a little change to your hairstyle.

Another good way is to make your hair wavy or have your hair cut for the hot summer season, if you have long, straight hair. Or, you can change your image by having your hair dyed. In hot weather, show your charm with bright hair rather than dark hair.


Try a bold fashion style that you couldn’t try usually. Especially, if you go on a trip for your vacation, it is a perfect time for such image change. Hyerim attracted the attention by showing a bold style showing a retro style and her girl crush charm.

You had better follow a trendy fashion style. If you expose your skin with an offshoulder clothing, you can display your sexy and feminine charm. Or you can present a casual style by wearing a halter blouse and jeans, and you can also stage a feminine image of a career woman by matching a skirt. Try an image change through a bold style you have never challenged before.

01 CATALINA GEO COLOR CAPSULE MAKE UP BASE CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make Up Base is made of five sorts of color capsules for natural-looking skin tone correction. In addition, its essence substances are mixed and taken out by pumping the product, keeping your moist, fresh skin expression for a long time.

02 ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Cushion BB A cushion foundation that covers your skin and persists on your skin for a long time. It softly sticks to your skin, keeping your skin clean and bright all day long.

03 BOBBI BROWN SUNKIST EYE PALETTE GOLD A must-have eye shadow palette for directing summer daily make-up. It has eye shadow in bronze, gold, pink, and nude colors for warm-tone skin in a pink-bronze-colored metallic case.

04 YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres  It is a product having the functions of a lipstick, lip gloss, and lip tint together. You can express a surprisingly light tint by one touch of it, a shining gloss by two touches of it, and a clear-colored lipstick by three touches of it. Its sensitive film wraps around your lips, and it presents clear colors with amazing gloss. (photo by: CATALINA GEO, ESTEE LAUDER, BOBBI BROWN, YSL, bntnews DB)

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