VIXX’s LEO hospitalized due to stomach pain, to halt all activities.


On September 20, Jellyfish Entertainment delivered the news that Leo will take a break from all activities.

The agency said, “Last week, Leo completed his last music show schedule for VIXX LR‘s promotions while receiving medical treatment. However, his stomach pain did not improve, so he has been hospitalized for treatment. Since Leo‘s health is the first priority, he will be focusing on receiving treatment for the stomach pain caused by internal bleeding. Therefore, we would like to ask for your understanding about Leo‘s absence from the scheduled activities from now on.”

Therefore, Leo will not be participating in the event and album promotions in Japan scheduled for September 20. VIXX LR‘s fan signing meeting in Seoul, originally scheduled for September 21, has been postponed to mid-October.

Jellyfish Entertainment concluded, “We apologize once again for causing the fans to worry, and we will try our best for Leo‘s recovery. Thank you.”

[image source: JELLYFISH Entertainment]