VIXX Releases Teaser for Chained Up


Chained Up Album Cover

VIXX’s new teaser for the music video Chained Up has fan’s attention locked up!

The six members are reunited as a full group again, igniting discussion with the release of their new music video.

Today (November 6th) VIXX, consisting of Ravi, Ken, Leo, Hongbin and Hyuk, released via their official YouTube account, a teaser video for the title track of their new album. The new album, Chained Up (which is only their second album as a full group), is going on sale November the 10th according to the announcement.

In the released video the full cast of VIXX make an appearance. The members of VIXX are seen following a young girl, and wander into a forest, where they see a mysterious figure. This first teaser shows each of the six VIXX members in a room, showing a different emotion. Causing people to wonder about the story of the music video.

VIXX is very free, yet wear very refined clothes and a black chokers, signifying they are slaves to love. The visuals and atmosphere are a on another level, causing their young female fans’ hearts to flutter.

30 seconds makes for a short teaser trailer, but the music has a strong addicting sense to it. The full six members of VIXX can be seen glamorously returning, making fans hungry with anticipation.

On November 10th before midnight, they intend to release their second regular album Chained Up, and release the full music video at noon.

Article by Han Jihee of GET IT K, Pictures from Jellyfish Entertainment

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