VIXX releases a highlight reel of upcoming album Chained Up



VIXX has released a video containing samples from their upcoming second album.

At midnight on November the 8th, via their YouTube page, VIXX released a highlight reel of their upcoming songs. The video is part of a hype campaign for their upcoming second album Chained Up, which is being released on November 10th.

The released video starts with a track that has a quick electronic beat. It then moves on to their title track Chained Up and other songs, which have outstanding emotional vocals and an R&B style. It ends with a synthetic sounding dance track, giving audiences a tour-de-force of VIXX’s multi-genre musical talents.

The tracks are edited down to about 10 seconds each. But you can hear the next level growth in the musical abilities of VIXX members, increasing anticipation.

You can see their forward looking vision in the teaser’s imagery, in which they don’t fully reveal their tracks, in turn causing more discussion. The title track Chained Up captures your ears in a single listen, with its intense beat and catching lyrics, further amplifying interest in the album.

It has been two years since the release of their 2013 album Voodoo Doll. And the full group is now back, with their second album Chained Up. VIXX is now back with a style that sounds different from their previous work, as you can hear in their new high quality tracks. The prospects are looking good, for their jam packed new album.

VIXX is going to release their new, second album, Chained Up, just before midnight of October 10th Korean time; along with the music video for their title track, on noon of the same day.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Pictures by Jellyfish Entertainment

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