Urban Zakapa and Beenzino Gather for Collaboration


[by Woorim Ahn] Urban Zakapa will make collaboration with Beenzino.

On August 25 at midnight, the two artists will release new song ‘Thursday Night’ and it is produced to relieve the mass public’s Thursday night by Jo Hyun Ah. Particularly, Beenzino that was featured in rap part joined to collaborate due to the song’s creativity.

Moreover, the single is a new collaboration after ‘Get’ in May 2015 from Urban Zakapa and Beenzino. The fans are paying attention to this work as their expectations are getting higher.

Urban Zakapa’s agency Makeus Entertainment said, “Urban Zakapa and Beenzino gathered once again. The two’s colors blended well into the song, so please look forward to the outcome.”

Meanwhile, ‘Thursday Night’ by Urban Zakapa and Beenzino will be available on August 25 at midnight. (photo by Makeus Entertainment)

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