Upcoming program, ‘The Unit’


Hey, what’s that? That’s right! New show coming soon! Did you hear about ‘The Unit’ yet?
If you’re fan of survival shows like Produce 101, Momoland, Sixteen or No.Mercy, you should totally anticipate it, too! Especially that this one will be a little bit different than shows you already know.

“Idol Rebooting Project The Unit”. That’s right. This particular show will give current k-pop idols, who didn’t receive much spotlight, a second chance! K-pop industry is full of talented people, but because number of idols is increasing all the time not everyone has a chance to shine. ‘The Unit’ wants to change this!

The first episode is supposed to air on October 28th. The whole show will end after 14 episodes and with two unites made from finalists! Each unit (one male, one female) will consist of 10 members and will last 7 months.


For now we know that the idols confirmed to take part in the show are: Boys Republic, Bigstar, Brave Girls, 1NB, Areum (ex-T-ara), Subin (Dal-Shabet). Laboum, Imfact and Boyfriend are rumored to be.

Even if your favourite group won’t be on the show, if you’re a k-pop fan, wait for ‘The Unit’ and support all of participants, as every idol deserve to be loved and recognized for they talents! Don’t hesitate, let’s make them shine together!