Unicorn Unveils the Teaser Video of its New Song ‘Blink Blink’


[by Yanchingsally Chu] Girl group Unicorn makes a comeback with its news song ‘Blink Blink’.

On July 27, Unicorn unveiled the teaser video of ‘Blink Blink’, which is the title song of its second mini album ‘Unicorn Plus-The Brand New Label’.

In the 30-second video clip, it shows the unique charms of the four members, which grabbed the attention of their fans. In particular, the highlighted part of ‘Bling Bling’ is unveiled, evoking curiosity on their new song.

‘Blink Blink’ is an uptempo electronic dance pop song. It is about girls who want to make their boyfriends change their mind by acting cute such as blinking their eyes.

Meanwhile, ‘Unicorn Plus-The Brand New Label’ will be unveiled on July 28. (photo by Cartoon Blue Company)

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