Uhm Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin In A Modern Horror Story


[by Ent Team] The trailer for ‘Missing’ is exactly what we expected.

Lee Eon Hee’s latest movie, ‘Missing’, will now be defined by a very stressful trailer.

It follows 5 days into Ji Seon (Uhm Ji Won)’s life as she pursues Han Mae (Gong Hyo Jin) who disappeared like fresh smoke.

As she realizes that her daughter disappeared with the then trustworthy nanny, Ji Seon also realizes that everything was planned from the beginning: it was all lies. The film depicts the desperate process through which the mother is looking for her vanished nanny, who has no relative, in a very suspicious atmosphere.

With this movie, Uhm Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin are said to orchestrate the acting move of their career. The public is looking forward to seeing the result of such a great collaboration on screen.

Uhm Ji Won’s subtle and authentic acting skills will perfectly interpret the changes a mother goes through as despair takes over reason. Gong Hyo Jin’s mysterious face and voice also perfectly matches her role.

One day, a nanny disappears with the kid she was keeping. Her name, her age, every information about her was false. 5 days of pursuit, for truth, for hope, begin for the mother. ‘Missing’, in theaters on November 30. (photo by MEGABOX +M)

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