U-Kiss Releases Its 12th Mini Album in Japan


[by Woorim Ahn] U-Kiss released its twelfth single EP ‘Kissing to Feel’ in Japan.

In the new single, sexy dance song ‘Kissing to Feel’ and ‘Shining Stars’ and the title song’s music video and dance version video are contained in the DVD album.

The group topped Orion Chart with its Japanese fourth official album ‘Action’, released in March 2015 and recorded to sell the most album sales with its single ‘Stay Gold’ disclosed in September 2015, so the mass public is paying attention to this time’s feedback.

The group’s agency said, “U-Kiss is making busy activities in Korea and Japan and as it prepared for this album despite of its hectic schedule, it wants the album to continue its popularity proved previously.”

Meanwhile, U-Kiss will release its Japanese fifth official album in March. (photo by NH Media)

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