Yu Jaesuk praises Lovelyz’ Miju as the new rising star in ‘Happy Together’


The upcoming episode of ‘Happy Together – Sing My Song’ features the ‘Immortal Hit Song Singers Special’ starring JAURIMLovelyz’ Mijoo and JiaeApink‘s Bomi and Chorong, and the winner of ‘High School Rapper 2‘ Kim Haon.

The upcoming episode of \'Happy Together - Sing My Song\' features the \'Immortal Hit Song Singers Special\' starring JAURIM, Lovelyz\' Mijoo and Jiae, Apink\'s Bomi and Chorong, and the winner of \'High School Rapper 2\' Kim Haon.

Lovelyz’ Mijoo enters the studio freestyle-dancing. Jiae says, “She’s just being herself.”

Mijoo has been getting a lot of attention due to her unique poses on the way to ‘Music Bank’. She explains the reason why she puts so much effort in those photos saying, “I want to pursue my dream while I’m at it.” She demonstrates various “on the way to work” poses in front of the panels and surprises everyone.

Jiae, while she seems a bit embarrassed by Mijoo‘s uncontrollable spirit, expresses her gratefulness to Mijoo for making Lovelyz more famous.

The climax is the part where Mijoo shows a crazy zombie dance. She dances to BTS’ song ‘Fire‘ and even takes her shoes off.

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