Two Moorim School action teaser videos have released



Moorim School features Lee Hyun-woo, Hongbin, Seo Ye-ji and Jung Yoo-jin. Two attention grabbing teaser videos have been released.

KBS’s major drama Moorim School, is written by Kim Hyun-hee and Yang Jina, directed byKee Soyeon and produced by JS Pictures. The first intense and mysterious action teasers have been released for the drama. Lee Hyun-woo, Hongbin, Seo Ye-ji and Jung Yoo-jin feature in the action clips and the screen shots.

In the trailer we can see Yoon Shi-woo (Lee Hyun-woo) looking at a map on his phone, and finding Moorim School by Moorim Mountain deep inside a mountain range. In the second trailer we can see a water soaked Wang Zhi-Aang(Hongbin) facing off against Shim Soon-duk (Seo Ye-ji) with a bo-staff.

Energy is overflowing from the youth in this this action filled video that also hints at possible romance. There isn’t a single line of dialogue as the characters stare each other down and battle it out.

They were able to complete the teaser safely thanks to the diligent practice of the four stars.

A production crew member said “The previously released poster’s mysterious atmosphere aroused curiosity amongst viewers. And this teaser show cases some of the unique characters and gives some hints as to the story line” “You can find the answers to all your questions on its opening day, January 11th when it is released.” He said, explaining further.

The school is not about having student learn things to acquire certifications and resume filler. Instead it tries to educate them on the importance of the virtues of: truth, loyalty, survival, sacrifice, communication and relationships, in order for them to be able to take a stand when they go out into society and the broader world. This action drama shows the process and transformations of their learning.

From the first stages of the production planning the show was strategically planned, for the viewers around the world to build a bond of sympathy and share different cultures. Lee Soyeon is the producers of Moorim School, and has worked on previous projects including Baby Faced Beauty, The Prime Minster and I and the Your Noir drama special.

Moorim School starts January 11th 2016 as the show replacing the Oh My Venus time slot of KBS 2TV. The first round of teaser trailers can be seen on the Moorim School Instagram page.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by JS Pictures

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