TVXQ! to release special album to celebrate 15th anniversary


TVXQ! will release special album ‘New Chapter #2: The Truth of Love’ on December 26, which marks their 15th anniversary of debut.

TVXQ! will release special album \'New Chapter #2: The Truth of Love’ on December 26, which is their 15th anniversary of debut.

The album contains 7 tracks in total. The title track ‘Truth’ is an R&B pop song based on jazz with rhythmical bass line. It highlights the groovy jazz rhythm and the members’ mature voices. The song is about searching for the one and only true love after overcoming a heartbreak.

In addition, TVXQ! will hold fan meeting ‘TVXQ! Special Day ‘The Truth of Love” on December 26 to celebrate the 15th anniversary with the fans.

[Image source: SM Entertainment]