Turbo make their first appearance on a Happy Together



The very funny talk show Happy Together 3, will be broadcast this Thursday night. With their popularity overflowing from the Korean peninsula onto the mainland, the episode has been dubbed ‘Conquers of the Mainland’. Turbo’s Kim Jong-kook, Kim Jung-nam and Mikey, as well as Chae Yeon, and T-ara’s Eunjung and Hyomin will appear on the coming episode of Happy Together.

Kim Jong-kook said “We went to china to shoot a commercial, and when we got their they gave us an entire floor of a hotel all to ourselves”. Shocked about the great treatment they received.

Mikey followed up saying “I have no idea while Kim Jong-kook is so popular in China. He isn’t eve funny on entertainment programs” His jealously caused everyone to laugh. Mikey finished by saying “When I see Kim Jong-kook, it makes me think, damn, I could definitely do entertainment programs too!” causing an ocean of laughter.

You can be happy together with Turbo if you watch Happy Together 3 This coming Thursday February 7th at 11:10pm on KBS 2TV.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Happy Together 3

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