Tips to Enjoy One-Piece Layered Look in Sensible Ways


[by Kim Min Soo] Spring is here according to the calendar, but the cold weather still makes us reach for the padding jackets. It might still feel like winter but on the other hand, it is the season to become a fashionista simply with layering. One-piece dress layered look to be exact.

The layered look broke free from dark and dull achromatic colors of the winter and the luscious colors added power to the style to produce unique fashion. It also added warmth and trendy senses to captivate women’s eyes.

Recently, Sunmi from Wonder Girls, Sooyoung and Goo Hara appeared at the airport and caught people’s attention. We look in to their individual style that shined through during the cold wave.


Sunmi from Wonder Girls, who visited the airport to leave to Paris on January 25, made a casual styling using a jacket with a check patterns. Then, she completed the airport fashion by matching a long dresses that stand out with eye catching rose prints.

[Editor Pick] A velvet dress gives a soft yet luxurious look while creating a feminine line with elegance. In addition, if you match the check pattern long coat together, you can bring out feminine yet chic mood.


Sooyoung is known for her fashionable style. With a gorgeous model like proportions and the natural sense of fashion, she has become a fashion role model for many women. She appeared at the airport for her overseas schedule. The sweet pink knitted sweater reminded us about the spring, and her layer look was on point to show off her lovely charm.

[Editor Pick] The pink knit creates a cute and lovely charm just by itself. It is a point to add freshness during the gloomy and dry winter, and it melts away the dullness and adds brightness. If you match a white dress to complete light and sophisticated style, you are catching two birds with one stone.

#Goo Hara

On the other hand, Goo Hara who was on her way for an editorial shoot overseas, dominated the ‘airport fashion’ with a black long dress and rider jacket to show off her fashionable style.

[Editor Pick] A Mix-and-match combination of a winter item with a cool summer material will create a unique style. (Photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)