Tips for Showing Beautiful Sparkling Makeup


[by Kim Min Soo] Makeup that makes their 24 hour sparkling beauty even more bright, this is like a shadow to female stars.

One of the makeups that is loved by many female celebrities is sparkle makeup that looks natural and yet gives an elegant atmosphere, making it the best type of makeup. In order to show skin moistness, the center stage of trends is focusing makeup more on the base.

Sparkling makeup expresses cleanliness with minimum makeup instead of colorfulness. Let’s examine this beauty item that makes women more beautiful and graceful.

#1 Showing Beautiful Sparkling Skin

The basic of sparkle makeup is showing the skin. Even if you show off distinct eyes and lively lips, if your skin isn’t shining, you can reduce the beauty so be mindful. In order to apply beautiful sparkling makeup you need to begin by choosing and applying skin care items that are moist and have good adherence.

If you want to have beautiful sparkling skin, apply glow beam cream. Amending for the drier texture characteristic of foundations, it even has skin-lightening effects to complete beautiful sparkling makeup.

In addition, let’s restore the transparency of the skin through BB cream, and show off healthy and glossy skin. As if putting a veil on baby skin, it thinly and evenly adheres to your skin, thus you can present clean skin like a baby.

#2 Showing Lively Sparkling Makeup

A lot of makeup artists mix face oil and foundation in order to express the glossiness and glow of one’s skin but if you use pink glow beam cream, it optimizes the state before putting on makeup supporting glowing skin at any time.

Not only that, it is a makeup that anyone can use to easily show glossiness on their skin for self-radiating lively sparkling makeup. Like illuminated lamps, it brightly lightens skin with moisturizing oil and fine pearls for two types of layers that are long-lasting and maintains your skin tone.

If you want outstanding lively sparkling makeup, you need to take care of eyes full of color and light as well. Gel eyeliner that contains matted color and pearls more delicately expresses your eyes. In addition, as it has waterproof effects, apply the minim amount on your eye rims. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)