Tiffany, IU, And Yuri, Heated Skin Needs ‘Cooling Care’


[by Song Eun Ji] In summer, your skin feels heated even when you just walk along a street because of the hot weather.

Your skin temperature naturally rises in hot summer when you automatically say, “It’s hot.” The proper temperature of your skin is 31 to 32 degrees Celsius. If your skin becomes hotter than that, your cells age faster and your pores expand, leading to an increase in sebum secretion. Thus, your skin can be oily and loose.

If you want to effectively keep your skin health even in hot summer, start ‘cooling care’ that can decrease your skin temperature. Here introduced are cooling care know-hows for health skin, ranging from skin care to makeup.

▶▷ Daily Soothing Cooling Skin Care

First be careful in selecting a cleanser to avoid giving any more irritation to your already sensitive skin. Perform your facial cleansing with a mild cleanser with skin soothing effects by lightly massaging your entire face with the least power in your hands.

Here, avoid using too hot water. First use lukewarm water, and then cold water in the final step of cleansing. The cold water will effectively cool down your skin.

Right after finishing your facial cleansing, take out a low-irritation mask pack, which you have put in the refrigerator in advance, and attach it to your face. It will provide immediate skin cooling effects and plentiful nutrition supply. You had better carefully check if the sheet is cotton and if essence made from vegetable substances is contained when you select a mask pack to avoid giving any more irritation to your skin.

If you skin is severely dry, use a moisture cream, too. After using a light gel-type moisture cream, which is rapidly absorbed into your skin, use a mask pack, which has been kept cool. Then, you can perform more effective moisturizing care.

▶▷ Cooling Care While You Are Out

One way you can prevent your skin temperature from rapidly rising is to steadily use a sunblock product. If your skin is heated fast even if you have applied a sunblock cream, frequently use a beauty item with a cooling function.

When you correct your makeup, try using a cushion foundation with a cooling effect. Only correcting your makeup with a cushion foundation often would help adjusting your skin temperature.

Take good care of temperature control on your body skin as well as your facial skin. Apply a sun cream on many parts of your body, which are exposed to sunlight, and spray a body mist with a cooling function often while you are out. You can thereby relieve your skin’s dryness and heat.

Beauty Editor’s Recommendation :: ‘Cooling’ Beauty Items For Summer

01 KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask A mask pack whose vegetable gemmule substances extracted from germinating soybeans full of energy soothe your heated skin and normalize your skin condition. Since it uses cotton sheets with no fluorescence brightening agent and excludes six chemicals, you can use it even for sensitive skin without worry.

02 Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream Fresh Hydration A gel moisture cream that decreases your skin temperature, fills your skin with moisture, and removes sebum. Its glacier glycoprotein extracts and desert plants extracts supply moisture to your skin. Its menthol derivatives add a fresh cooling effect.

A cushion foundation that keeps your skin fresh for a long time without stickiness. Its formula containing aloe vera extracts, which are natural skin soothing substances, provides a cooling and soothing effect.

04 L’OCCITANE en Provence Verveine Fresh Body Mist A body cooling mist with a cooling effect and fresh verbena scent. Apply it to your body frequently, and it will immediately decrease your skin temperature.

(photo by: KICHO, Kiehl’s HERA, L’OCCITANE, bntnews DB)