The Woman Without A Name Has A Second Teaser


[by Ent Team] A teaser for ‘The Woman Without A Name’ was unveiled.

On April 14, the second teaser of KBS2’s upcoming daily drama series ‘The Woman Without A Name’ was unveiled prior to the premiere of the show, scheduled for April 24.

This horror drama is a revenge story. It depicts the revenge of a woman whose life was taken because of her selfish greed. She abandoned her child to be saved and even threw her own life away.

The clip that was unveiled shows a very stressful scene where Son Yeori (Oh Jieun) tries to escape from Hong Jiwon (Bae Hongok). Other characters are also shown in the video which sets the basic suspense for the series.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s new daily drama series ‘The Woman Without A Name’ will start airing on April 24. (photo by KBS2)