The Twins Meet Up With Raccoon Friends


[by Ent Team] Seo-un and Seo-jun from ‘The Return of Superman’ met with raccoons again.

In the 178th episode of KBS2’s The Return of Superman, which airs on April 16, the twins invited their friends to their new house.

On a couple of photos that were previously disclosed, they can be seen playing with raccoons. The size of the two animals, which are almost as tall as the brothers, easily catches the eye. And seeing them feeding grapes to the raccoons reminds us their first encounter, last year.

On the day of the filming, the twins had invited their friends whom they hadn’t seen in a long time due to their moving. They were so excited to see their friends, and especially the two who arrived late. Seo-jun even toured one of the raccoons around the new house.

Meanwhile, the 178th episode of The Return of Superman airs on April 16 at 4:50PM KST on KBS 2. (photo by KBS2)