The Skin of the Celebrities On Their SNS! It Items For A Glowing Skin


[by Im Miae] Today, SNS has now become the real time communication method between the celebrities and the general public.

Many celebrities use various methods to communicate with their fans but there is no other more direct way than SNS. Singers Hong Jin Yeong and Hyeri are the two representative stars that are active on Instagram by revealing their daily lives and uploading selfies that showed their glowing skin.

If you wish to have a flawless glowing skin like these two stars who can upload close-up pictures confidently, skincare is a fundamental factor. Here are some beauty tips that will help you have a glowing skin.

>> Hong Jin Yeong, ‘Glowing Skin’ To Maintain A Young-looking Face

Hong Jin Yeong, the goddess of trot (a genre of Korean pop music), is one of the representative celebrities who have a young-looking skin. She captured the hearts of many people with her cute and lively charms that she frequently revealed on her Instagram. Her flawless skin makes people forget about her age. In order to maintain a youthful face like Hong Jin Yeong, it is important to supply sufficient nutrients to your skin and moisturize it. It’s the basic factor that is necessary for having a moisturized glowing skin.

>> Hyeri, ‘Glass Bead’ Skin That Captures Both Beauty And Popularity

Hyeri had perfectly played the role of a high school student and a stewardess in her drama ‘Reply 1988’. Hyeri, who actively communicates with her fans by revealing her cute daily life on her Instagram account, has become a star by attracting lots of people’s attention with her clear and pure face. If you wish to have a skin as clear as hers, it is important to focus your attention on the basic skincare . Using oil and ampoule products will help you nourish your skin for a perfect glowing skin.

Shining Makeup, How To Capture The ‘Glow’

1 CLEOMEE ‘Moisture Repair Cream’★
The ‘Moisture Repair Cream’ that is made of donkey milk which is the most similar one to human break milk, moisturizes, soothes and recovers your dry and sensitive skin. This product penetrates into your skin without irritation and helps you have a smooth and soft texture thanks to the  Centella asiatica ingredients that  improve the elasticity of your skin.

2 B&B Korea ‘Mari Huana Real Nature Hemp Seed Oil Cream’
The ‘Mari Huana Real Nature Hemp Seed Oil Cream’ is a non-irritating product that is effective to unify your skin tone. It strengthens the barrier of your skin for an effective wrinkle care, and creates a strong moisture layer that protects your damaged skin. This product also relieves severe dry skin and is therefore an item that can help create a youthful face.

3 SCINIC ‘Honey All In One Ampoule’

The ‘Honey All In One Ampoule’ that consists of honey, royal jelly, and propolis extracts  is a product that gathered all the functions of a toner, a lotion and an essence. It’s very effective for whitening and wrinkle care, letting you have a moisturized and glowing skin. (photo by: Cleomee, B&B Korea, SCINIC, Hong Jin Yeong, Hyeri Instagram, bntnews DB)